University of Nevada, Reno

Issued By: CASAT and NFARtec

Badge for - Trained in Skills Based Clinical Supervision

About this Badge

The Skills-Based Videoconferencing (SBVC) badge signifies that the SBVC participant has successfully completed the competency standards associated with this enhanced professional online learning series and is proficient in skills essential to using technology to deliver counseling in online environment counseling.

Demonstrated Skills and Knowledge

  • Initial set-up of videoconferencing session
  • Using and troubleshooting videoconferencing technology
  • Professional preparation, benefits, and risks of delivering counseling in an online environment
  • Security and confidentiality issues related to counseling in online environment
  • Role of technology in providing counseling services
  • Therapeutic alliance via technology
  • Role of telehealth (videoconferencing) in the continuum of clinical services
  • Professional code of conduct for specific professional association
  • Legal and jurisdictional implications for individual practice
  • Identify, locate, and experience online support groups

Completion Criteria

  • Attended 80% of the 21-hour curriculum during the 9-weeks of training (1.5 hours weekly) and complete ONE hour of weekly learning activities.
  • Came prepared, actively engaged, and on camera at least 90% of the scheduled series time.
  • Demonstrated proficient use of technology to offer individual and group counseling via skills-based group presentations based on case scenarios that require incorporating using videoconferencing technology while conducting the role-play session.

Disclaimer: This badge does not mean the holder is certified, licensed, or trained as a counselor or behavioral health provider.

This badge is a collaborative project of the Center for the Application of Substance Abuse Technologies (CASAT) and the National Frontier and Rural Telehealth Education Center (NFARtec).

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