Undergraduate Minor with Certificate for Addiction Treatment Services – 21 Credits

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The undergraduate certificate allows students who have completed the minor to add a service learning experience to their knowledge and skills in the addiction treatment or prevention field.  It is particularly useful to students who intend to work as a Nevada Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) or plan to become involved in the behavioral or health sciences field.  While this certificate DOES NOT credential one as a certified counselor, it does provide an experiential opportunity that allows students to meet others working in the field and to gain a better understanding of the services offered in the community.  The practicum student will be placed in an accredited alcohol and other drug treatment program, a prevention services agency, or another behavioral health organization in Northern Nevada. Students must first complete the minor course sequence listed below prior to being accepted into the Practicum course.

Minor Course Sequence

  • CAS 154: Problems of Substance Abuse and Addiction (3 credits)
  • CAS 254: Signs and Symptoms of Addiction (3 credits)
  • CAS 255 Substance Abuse Prevention (3 credits)
  • CAS 354 Screening and Client Engagement (3 credits)
  • CAS 355 Individual and Group Treatment of Addiction (3 credits)*
  • CAS 454 Assessment and Case Management (3 credits)


  • CAS 464 Practicum in Addiction Treatment and Prevention (3-6 credits)

Course Expectations

Students will work an average of eight (8) hours at their field site (totaling 120 hours of work-based experience a semester) and attend one 90-minute group supervision course meeting a week. The practicum instructor will assign sites based on student interest, site availability, major, skills, scheduling realities, and the needs and capabilities of all participating students.  Students accepted for the practicum will be expected to contact their site supervisor prior to the beginning of the semester in order to complete appropriate volunteer requirements.

Application Process

To be eligible for the Practicum course (and thus, the Certificate program), students must complete the Internship Application Form. The Internship Application Form is due on November 1st for the Spring term and April 1st for the Fall term.  Students may need to provide the practicum instructor with a ten-minute audiotaped interview or counseling session (completed in CAS 354 or 355) and should be prepared to meet with the instructor prior to acceptance.

Internship Application Form