University of Nevada, Reno

Main Goal/Purpose

The purpose of this program is to provide problem gambling prevention programming for college students who currently do not exhibit symptoms of problem gambling, and increase the effectiveness of problem gambling prevention efforts based on level of community readiness, and the knowledge, perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors surrounding problem gambling by students at UNR and TMCC.

Main Function of Grant Staff

The Problem Gambling Prevention Project is funded by the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services. Staff works to implement a three-pronged approach to collecting information about the populations targeted. The first prong is the Student Gambling Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors Survey, assessing student knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and perceptions of other students regarding gambling. The second prong is a survey of faculty/staff knowledge and attitudes regarding gambling severity, services, and education, the Faculty/Staff Gambling Knowledge and Behaviors Survey. The third prong is key informant interviews, assessing community efforts, knowledge of efforts, leadership, community climate, knowledge of the issues, and resources for prevention efforts. Based on the results of the student survey, a social norms marketing campaign has been implemented through a variety of media including print, electronic, and social media, including Facebook and Twitter. Results of the faculty/staff survey are being used to inform the development of faculty/staff trainings and resources. In addition, results are being used to inform efforts to develop a responsible gambling policy and supportive protocols at UNR and TMCC.


Stephanie J Asteriadis Pyle

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