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FASD Mountain Plains PIC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has awarded funding to the University of Nevada, Reno’s Center for the Application of Substance Abuse Technologies (CASAT) for their Mountain Plains Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Practice and Implementation Center (Mountain Plains PIC). The Mountain Plains PIC will be working collaboratively with national medical societies, professional organizations, and other university-based PICs to develop, deliver, disseminate, and evaluate FASD training programs for Medical Assistants. The goal of the program activities is to enhance awareness and change practice behaviors of Medical Assistants with regards to the prevention, identification, intervention, and treatment of the FASDs. In addition, the Mountain Plains PIC will focus on preparing Medical Assistants to provide alcohol screening and brief interventions to patients to reduce alcohol-exposed pregnancies and to intervene with patients who engage in risky or hazardous alcohol use.

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