University of Nevada, Reno

What do final exams and the holidays have in common?  They are both major stressors for many students during the last two months of the year.  Yet students seem to feel stressed throughout the entire year, not just this traditionally busy time according to CDC and WHO data.  According to the CDCsuicide rates are on the rise, and depression, according to The World Health Organization (WHO) has become one of the top disabilities in the world.  For young adults those number are even higher than the average for adults.  UCLA has been surveying incoming college freshman for nearly fifty years, and findings from a 2016 survey that questioned 137,456 incoming freshman at 184 colleges uncovered some startling results. The survey found “students’ self-rated emotional health dropped to 47.3%,” the lowest level ever.  This indicates that most students thought they were worse off than the average student regarding their emotional health and well-being.  As 2018 just ended and 2019 New Year’s Resolutions begin to form, I’d like to highlight a very valuable resource on the University of Nevada, Reno campus that is doing its part to fight rising mental health issues: The Take 5 program.

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