With almost 21 years of experience, CASAT has a positive track record for implementing projects targeted at strengthening the allied health workforce by:

  • Providing training and technical assistance activities specific to substance use disorder and disordered gambling behaviors;
  • Developing online and in-person substance use disorder prevention and treatment educational curricula for college/university undergraduate and graduate courses and practicing professionals in allied health;
  • Sponsoring and delivering distance education and web-based products;
  • Coordinating efforts with state and national credentialing boards;
  • Working with diverse cultural, ethnic, and racial groups within frontier/remote/rural communities; and
  • Working with substance use disorder and allied health professionals who practice in frontier/rural/remote areas of the country.


Since its inception in 1993, CASAT has developed academic curricula in substance abuse prevention and treatment for undergraduate and graduate students. CASAT has extensive experience translating evidence-based practices in addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery for both course development and infusion into pre-service academic curricula especially in frontier/rural states. Currently, the Minor in Addiction Treatment Services, established almost 20 years ago with grant support and still sponsored and taught by CASAT faculty, is the largest minor at UNR, with an enrollment of almost 800 students per semester taking in-person and online courses. Since CASAT’s academic program is available in both traditional classroom and online formats, students worldwide can earn minors in addiction treatment, take undergraduate or graduate courses that focus on addiction treatment issues, or enroll in problem gambling courses that provide initial training for certification as a problem gambling counselor. Internships are offered in the minor and required for the graduate emphasis.


The CASAT media team use the Adobe Creative Cloud to design and develop regional and national media campaigns. Our team creates branding packages for organizations and events, and works with clients to develop effective marketing materials and digital curricula.

Our Skills Include:

  • Video Production
  • Website Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Branding
  • Online Course Development
  • Promotional Videos
  • Online Training Videos
  • DVD Production
  • Large Format Printing
  • Technology Consultation
  • Digital and Print Publication Solutions

Conference Logistics

CASAT provides event management services for more than 200 live and virtual events annually, which serve more than 8,000 behavioral health professionals each year throughout the United States and the Pacific Jurisdictions for federal, state and private, non-profit organizations.

Program Evaluation

CASAT’s evaluation staff is skilled in developing evaluation methodology for regional and national studies, creating survey instruments, collecting and analyzing data quantitative and qualitative data to examine the impact of substance use treatment and prevention programs, as well as writing reports and presenting the findings to funders and key stakeholders.