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CASAT Digital Badges

Communicating your credentials in an ever-expanding online marketplace can be challenging, but doable with the use of digital badges. A digital badge serves as a digital micro-credential to recognize learning, achievement, completion, or competence while providing an easy way to communicate the learner’s success digitally.

CASAT’s mission is to improve the behavioral health workforce through university-based coursework; continuing education online and in-person training; conferences; enhanced online learning series, intensive consultation and technical assistance activities. CASAT training participants will have an opportunity to display their continuing education achievements via CASAT Digital Badges.

Earning a CASAT Digital Badge validates to the public and your profession that you have demonstrated competencies and met criteria for accomplishment, skill, quality and level of proficiency in a given topic area.

CASAT has established this opportunity so that you may easily and quickly share verified proof of your professional achievements wherever and whenever you choose.