Undergraduate Minor in Addiction Treatment Services – 18 Credits

The minor is particularly designed for those students who are pursuing a bachelor’s degree in a health or social science program and are interested in the addiction treatment field as a supplement to their major. The undergraduate curriculum is designed to lead a student from largely didactic and knowledge-based classroom experience to increasing practical application of theory through experiential classroom activities, supervised practice, and observation of clinical situations.


CAS 154: Problems of Substance Abuse and Addiction (3 credits)

  • Overview of how involvement with alcohol, tobacco and other drugs can affect health, personal and social development. Relates social, philosophical, cultural, prevention and treatment issues.

CAS 254: Signs and Symptoms of Addiction (3 credits)

  • Theories and models of alcohol and other drug addiction with emphasis on the signs and symptoms of problematic use and abuse.

CAS 255: Substance Abuse Prevention (3 credits)

  • A basic overview of substance abuse prevention with emphasis on scientifically defensible substance abuse prevention research and practices.

 CAS 354: Screening and Client Engagement (3 credits)

  • Overview of philosophical and procedural components for providing addictions services, professional characteristics, ethical/legal issues, helping process and initial assessment.

CAS 355: Individual and Group Treatment of Addiction (3 credits)*

  • Strategies and core competencies for treating addicted individual and group counseling. Experiential learning is the primary approach utilized in this class.

CAS 454: Assessment and Case Management (3 credits)

  • Practical application of providing addiction services; assessment, placement, treatment planning, ethical/legal issues, and case management.

Application Instructions

To apply for the undergraduate minor in Addiction Treatment Services, students should submit the UNR Declaration Form along with filling out the form below during or after completing CAS 154.

Note: Local students are expected to take CAS 355 in person. Online permission is required from Dr. Meri Shadley, CASAT Academic Program Coordinator, at mshadley@casat.org.

Requirements: Completion of CAS 154, minimum 2.0 GPA, submitted Declaration of Minor Form**

Send your completed Declaration Form, atten: Debbie via fax (775) 327-2059, or deliver to the CASAT office in OB #225, or mail to CASAT/UNR 1164 N. Virginia St. /MS 0279, Reno, NV 89557, atten:Debbie. Please be advised email/scans are not accepted by Admissions and Records.

The 6 courses required for CASAT’s 18 credit Addiction Treatment Services minor are:

Required Courses:             Prerequisites:
1.    CAS 154 (CPD 116)      (No prerequisite required)
2.    CAS 254                        (CAS 154)
3.    CAS 255                        (No prerequisite required)
4.    CAS 354                        (CAS 154, ATS Minor Acceptance)
5.    CAS 355*                      (CAS 154, 254, ATS Minor Acceptance)
6.    CAS 454                        (CAS 154, 254, 354 ATS Minor Acceptance)

Minor Application